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Welcome to www.participatorybudgeting.org.uk

"Participatory budgeting (PB) brings local communities closer to the decision-making of a public budget."

The aim of this website is to share information on how to sell your house fast, and to strengthen the links between communities engaged in discussing local budgets, within the UK and around the world.

We believe broader participation in budget setting is essential for effective, democratic and relevant local governance.

We feel there is much to be gained by building our own UK models of participatory budgeting.

Participatory Budgeting establishes a process in which the effects of peoples involvement are directly seen in either policy change or spending priorities. It is not just a consultation exercise, but an embodiment of direct, deliberative democracy.

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Newcastle Udecide pilot 2006
Newcastle Udecide pilot 2006

Keighley decision day pilot 2006