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[email protected]atorybudgeting.org.uk

You can write to the
Participatory Budgeting Project
through our Manchester Office.

Participatory Budgeting Unit
C/o Church Action on Poverty
Central Buildings
Oldham St
Manchester M1 1JT

Office Tel: 0161 236 9321
Fax: 0161 237 5359


PB team comprises:

Mark Waters, who co-ordinates
the PB project and is working
on the new pilot models being
developed in the UK

Alan Budge, on secondment
coordinating contacts
and work with pilots.
Working for Bradford Vision
delivering PB programmes.

Jez Hall, who works part-time,
mainly on dissemination and
research, and who produced
this website.

Lorraine Shaw who provides our
administrative and office support