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About the Participatory Budget Unit

Our aim is that people in poverty will have more control over the quality of services delivered in their communities and neighbourhoods.

The PB Unit is a project of the charity Church Action on Poverty (Charity no. 1079986, Company no. 3780243), based in Manchester.

Church Action on Poverty has been in action for over 25 years, since 1982, and is working to eradicate poverty in the UK.

We are part-funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government to support the rolling out of PB in England.

The PB Unit supports Church Action on Poverty's key aim of "Giving a voice to people in poverty".  The PB Unit is aware that PB can be used by anyone, and isn't solely a mechanism for poor people, however, the PB Unit feels that those people living in poverty require greater access to public services than other groups of people.  They have far greater need for their voices to be heard and for services to be responsive to their needs as those services may be the way out of poverty for them.

However, we do believe that everyone has the right to access good public services and the right to be heard. Within that overall aim, the PB Unit's key aim is for "People in poverty to have more control over the quality of services delivered in their own communities and neighbourhoods."

Our key strategic objectives are:

  • To empower communities by finding ways of opening up public budgets to local citizens, enabling residents to deliberate on spending priorities and the potential for investment in their communities, and to challenge processes which exclude people.
  • To grow and maintain PB as a recognised and sustainable means of delivering social cohesion, strengthening democracy and increasing community capacity.
  • To develop a number of high quality and sustainable PB projects across a variety of organisations and contexts.
  • To enable more constructive relationships between residents, elected councillors, officers, community and v9oluntary organisations and statutory agencies.
  • To ensure that the Unit’s position, as the lead agency for the development and support of good PB practice and the custodian of its values and principles, is sustainable both financially and organisationally.
  • To work with others to develop opportunities for participation in public budgets and related forms of democracy and to build constructive partnerships with organisations in all sectors which have a common interest in promoting the outcomes of participatory budgeting.


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You can write to the
Participatory Budgeting Unit
through our Manchester Office.

Participatory Budgeting Unit
C/o Church Action on Poverty
3rd Floor
35 Dale St
Manchester M1 2HF

Office Tel: 0161 236 9321
Fax: 0161 237 5359

The PB Unit is a project of Church Action on Poverty, a charity (charity no. 1079986) and company limited by guarantee (company no.3780243)



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