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What we do

The core activities of the PB Unit are:

  • Co-ordinating & providing information on PB activities in the UK
  • Setting and monitoring the values, principles and standards of PB in the UK to ensure integrity
  • Providing technical support such as resources and tools
  • Providing practical support through enabling, facilitating and training
  • Facilitating peer and regional learning
  • Research into PB in the UK and Internationally and providing learning and dissemination


Our main priorities are:

  • Developing a regional focus around PB in the 9 English regions through
  1.                  more regional PB events
  2.                  providing training to our associates to undertake more work locally
  3.                  Working with the Government Offices
  4.                  Identifying more  associates in areas where we don't have any
  5.                  Identifying new pilots


  • Developing PB in LAAs:
  1.                  Identify 2-3 LSPs who are willing to trial and develop PB in the context of LAAs
  2.                  Undertake research to understand practically how PB might work with LAAs
  3.                  Run some small workshop/seminars to facilitate further 'thinking' on the practicalities of PB & LAAs


  • Supporting and developing the existing and new pilots


  • Sharing & disseminating learning through:
  1.                  A phased approach to peer learning
  2.                 Documenting and writing up pilots
  3.                 Providing evaluation tools and linking with national evaluation
  4.                 Conferences & events
  5.                Working with partners and disseminating through their channels


  • Developing PB in new contexts:
  1.               Health, police, children & young people, etc
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