News Site News daily 1 2008-06-05T00:01:08Z Yorkshire & Humber seminar huge success More than 60 people attended a joint seminar by the PBU, the regional empowerment partnership and the Government Office. No publisher Ruth 2008-11-14T14:54:41Z News Item Participation experiments Get involved in a participation experiment Accenture are running online until the end of December. No publisher Ruth 2008-11-14T14:07:42Z News Item Community councils in Wales pilot PB Tremeirchion Community Council in North Wales are holding a decision day on 8th December to allocate funds on the themes of Clean, Green, Safe and Sense of Community No publisher Ruth 2008-11-10T11:59:28Z News Item Norfolk get ready for decision day Norfolk hold their first PB decision day on 6th December to allocate £200,000. No publisher Ruth 2008-10-28T14:11:37Z News Item SQW to do CLG evaluation Communities and Local Government have recently awarded the tender for their evaluation of the PB pilots to SQW. SQW will be working with all the pilots over the coming months to produce the evaluation No publisher Ruth 2008-10-27T13:07:35Z News Item Conference report now on website We have produced a report of our national conference on 15th September, which is now on our website. No publisher Ruth 2008-10-27T12:54:21Z News Item PB guru Sergio Baeirle to speak in Bradford Bradford University are hosting a seminar run by the original PB guru - Sergio Baeirle. No publisher Ruth 2008-10-20T15:18:46Z News Item Rural PB pilots commissioned The PB Unit is working with the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) to develop some rural PB pilots No publisher Ruth 2008-10-02T10:52:57Z News Item Conference video now on website We produced a video of PB so far for our first national conference on participatory budgeting on 15th September. We've had so many people ask for the video that we've put it on our website. No publisher Ruth 2008-09-29T14:18:18Z News Item Values, principles and standards now published! We launched the final version of the values, princples and standards for PB at our national conference on 15th September. No publisher Ruth 2008-09-18T10:20:48Z News Item Hazel Blears announces 12 new PB areas Hazel Blears' announced 12 new areas for PB at her keynote address to the national participatory budgeting conference. No publisher Ruth 2008-10-02T13:40:38Z News Item 1st PB national conference resounding success Over 240 people from all walks of life attended the 1st national conference on participatory budgeting on Monday. Delegates heard from a wide range of speakers including Hazel Blears MP and discussed how national priorities translate to work on the ground. No publisher Ruth 2008-09-18T14:25:40Z News Item Participatory budgeting conference around the corner Over 240 people are coming to the conference at the Midland Hotel, which promises to be a fantastic day dedicated to participatory budgeting and how it's moving forward in the UK. No publisher Ruth 2008-09-10T17:09:41Z News Item Twitter for empowerment! Communities and Local Government have set up a twitter channel to let people know what they're doing about empowerment and for people to twitter themselves. No publisher Ruth 2008-08-26T13:13:57Z News Item PB commitment in Policing Green Paper "the Home Office will support the use of participatory budgeting involving community safety resources. The participatory budgeting process ensures that hte views of the local community are built into the decision-making process" (Policing Green Paper, p.20) No publisher Ruth 2008-07-18T14:29:24Z News Item