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PB is having a positive impact in the UK

The PBU has written a paper demonstrating the impacts that PB has been having on community cohesion, empowering citizens and improving relationships.

PB is having a positive impact in the UK

PB in Denton, Newcastle

Ten years ago, this year, some community activists went to Porto Alegre in Brazil to find out about PB and adapt the model for the UK.  Today, there are over 120 projects in England, more than 20 in Wales and six in Scotland, with Northern Ireland showing interest in starting some PB.  Over £23million has been allocated through PB processes by thousands of people across the country. 

Initiatives range from small grant pot processes designed to involve the community in allocating funds to the local third sector to ward based projects lead by ward councillors to police led initiatives on community safety and antisocial behaviour to local authority wide projects allocating mainstream budgets for mainstream services to county and LSP wide schemes. 

There's been a lot of talk about the benefits of PB, but until now, we've never really collated the impact that PB is having in the UK in one place.  We've taken the experiences of a number of these initiatives and collated them under the different benefits PB is bringing to communities in the UK  in a paper titled '10 Years On'. 

Undoubtedly, we will have missed some good experiences and examples of impacts.  If you have a good example of the impacts of PB, please do send it to us as we'll add to this paper, and want to continue finding new examples of the impacts of PB.

To view and download the paper click here


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