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Scottish community safety PB pilots a success!

The five Scottish government & COSLA sponsored PB pilots have been, and continue to be a success. We've produced a leaflet with updated information.

Scottish community safety PB pilots a success!

Community group in South Lanarkshire

The five pilots are: South Lanarkshire (Overton), North Lanarkshire (Forgewood), Fife (Glenrothes), Shetland (Lerwick) and Stirling (Dunblane).  All pilots have been led by the community safety partnership, but each pilot is quite different and distinct.

The PB Unit is supporting the pilots with hands on training, advice and facilitation as well as producing the programme evaluation.  We have published some short case studies of the five pilots in a leaflet.  To download the leaflet click here

A participant in Glenrothes said:

"I’ve enjoyed learning about all the different projects that are happening within the community some very positive stuff going on.  It’s encouraging to see members of the community trying to make a difference." 

The Chair of the community association in Staney Hill, Lerwick said:

"This project will make a real differetn to Staney Hill, it really helps when we get to decide what will improve our own community."

In addition to the official pilots, there are also PB processes being implemented in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

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