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UK part of International PB research

14 countries are participating in a large scale PB research project being headed up by the Institute of Social Studies of Andalucia

UK part of International PB research

PB event in Luton

The UK, along with the USA, Spain, Chile, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, China, Korea, Senegal, Madagascar, Brazil and India, are part of an international research project looking at the experiences of participants in PB processes.

The research aims to compare different PB experiences in different countries.  Whilst there are differences between the PB processes in each country, there are also similarities and the researchers want to look at and compare the similarities and experiences.  The focus of the research is on the participants.  They want to know what people think about the experience, which deliberative and other roles people take, how people participate, and understand better how people experience PB and what they think of it.  

Luton, Stockport, and Edinburgh are involved in the research from the UK, and hopefully there will be a Welsh project included in the research too.  The PB Unit is responsible for conducting the surveys for the UK research. 

The information will then be sent to Andalucia in Spain for researchers there to analyse it and compare and contrast it with other countries.

Dr. Ernesto Ganuza, lead researcher on this project at the Institute of Social Studies of Andalucia says

"I am really excited to be able to conduct this research and contribute to learning more about participants motivations and experiences of PB.  It's great to have so many countries involved in this research - it will give us a great perspective of the simimarities and differences in different countries."

The research has a lot of significance for the international ‘PB world’ because research on this scale has never been carried out before, and this level of comparison across different countries and different PB processes is unprecedented.  The learning coming out of it will really help to shape how PB develops over time, both in the UK and nationally.  

The research is due to run until May 2011, with all the surveys being completed by the end of March 2011 in the UK. 

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